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Gale Force Nine

Firefly Adventures - Brigands & Browncoats

Firefly Adventures - Brigands & Browncoats


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Firefly Adventures is a cooperative game for 1 to 5 players, working together to thwart local goons and get the job done. Will you use your wits to maneuver your way to success? Or will your trusty sidearm open the doors standing in your way?

Act casual or heroic - Crew members can try to keep it quiet or go in like big damn heroes. Double-sided crew cards let you choose how you’re acting. Each side of the card shows different actions you can take.

Equip your crew with a variety of guns, gadgets and gear!

Includes both a casual and heroic miniature for each crew member!

Create a variety of scenarios with pre-built, three-dimensional buildings and double-sided map tiles!


  • 20 Plastic Figures
  • 6 Map Tiles
  • 40 Equipment Cards
  • 60 Challenge Cards
  • 4 Job Briefings
  • 5 Downed Cards
  • 10 Assembled Buildings
  • 5 Crew Character Cards
  • 10 Goon Character Cards
  • 60 Game Money
  • 186 Tokens & Timeline
  • 6 Dice & Game Rules
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