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Firefly: Misbehavin' - A Factions Deckbuilding Game

Firefly: Misbehavin' - A Factions Deckbuilding Game


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Firefly Misbehavin' - "Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back!" In Firefly: Misbehavin' players get to control different factions of the Firefly 'Verse, from the crinimal enterprises of Badger or Niska, to the self-righteous Alliance, and even Serenity as Mal attempts to find crew and keep flyin'. This deckbuilding card game gives each player a unique starting deck of cards and access to characters, items, and locations in the Core, Border, and Rim. Compete to control your own corner of the 'Verse, or play through different Episodes with a wide variety of objectives. Celebrating the 20th Anniversay of Firefly the show! Ages 14+, 2-4 Players, 60+ Minutes.
  • Serenity, try to see past what she is and onto what she can be: Freedom!
  • Eavesdown, Build roots in the "community" and show those scavangers you're better than them!
  • Alliance, A lot of lowlife vultures out there in the Black. Good thing the Alliance is on hand.
  • Niska, Gain a solid reputation through fear, intimidation and the writings of Shan Yu.
  • Pick your favored faction and vie for power amongst the stars!
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