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Awaken Realms

ISS Vanguard: Deadly Frontier Campaign

ISS Vanguard: Deadly Frontier Campaign


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A full add-on campaign centered on a group of survivors who build a new home in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Requires ISS Vanguard base game and the Lost Fleet expansion to play.

  • NEW CAMPAIGN ADVENTURES: Embark on the Deadly Frontier Campaign, a thrilling expansion to the ISS Vanguard universe with new challenges and missions.
  • EXPANDED GAME UNIVERSE: Explore uncharted territories and face unique hazards in a campaign that broadens the scope of your space exploration.
  • STRATEGIC DEPTH: Encounter new scenarios that require strategic planning and decision-making, enhancing the complexity and enjoyment of your game.
  • ADDITIONAL CONTENT: Enjoy a wealth of additional content including new equipment, enemies, and story elements, enriching your ISS Vanguard experience.
  • FRESH GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCES: Designed to integrate seamlessly with the base game, this expansion offers fresh and exciting gameplay experiences for veteran ISS Vanguard players.


  • Over 700 cards
  • 12 models
  • 12+ cardboard Ship Book pages
  • New galactic map with 30+ systems
  • New Planetopedia with 18+ boards
  • A new Log Book with 80+ pages of an exciting story

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of ISS Vanguard is required to play.

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