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Magic the Gathering: Doctor Who Commander Deck Paradox Power

Magic the Gathering: Doctor Who Commander Deck Paradox Power


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Grab your companions and battle across the universe in Magic's definitive multiplayer format. Confound your foes with the paradox mechanic, which rewards you for playing cards from unconventional places. With the help of the Thirteenth Doctor, you can build up counters with every paradox, untap your creatures, and power you engine for victory.

The Thirteenth Doctor approaches the universe with boundless curiosity and a zeal for life. Quick to make friends, she views her companions as family and can be fiercely protective of the defenseless and the downtrodden. Her eagerness to help can, at times, lead to more trouble, but she's always willing to put herself at risk to defend others.

1 100-card Deck with 50 New Cards
10 Planechase Cards
10 Double-sided Token Cards
1 Planar Die
1 Foil-etched Display Commander
1 Life Wheel
1 Deck Box
1 Strategy Insert
1 Reference Card
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