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Magic the Gathering: Doctor Who Commander Deck Timey-Wimey

Magic the Gathering: Doctor Who Commander Deck Timey-Wimey


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Grab your companions and battle across the universe in Magic's definitive multiplayer format. The Tenth Doctor bends reality with his time travel ability, adding time counters to speed up or slow down your cards. When you need to stay alive, opt to delay - before outwitting your enemies in due time!

Energetic and charismatic, the Tenth Doctor is always ready for adventure. He finds joy in the mundane and the strange, but he is still capable of fiery righteous fury against his enemies. The guilt and regret from the Time War still lingers with him, driving him to make the universe a better, more peaceful place.

1 100-card Deck with 50 New Cards
10 Planechase Cards
10 Double-sided Token Cards
1 Planar Die
1 Foil-etched Display Commander
1 Life Wheel
1 Deck Box
1 Strategy Insert
1 Reference Card
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