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Awaken Realms

Tamashii: Caties Diary (Minis)

Tamashii: Caties Diary (Minis)


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Expansion with one of our favorite miniature! Catie, the legendary engineer, the first human to transfer her soul into an empty biomechanical body. She’s more a mythical creature than a living being to most survivors. This expansion gives players a new scenario which takes place several years before the action of the main storyline. During this scenario, players will learn about Catie’s story, her research and discover the mysteries of her laboratory.

  • CHARMING MINIATURES: Step into the enchanting world of Catie's Diary with these beautifully crafted miniatures.
  • UNVEIL CATIE'S ADVENTURES: Bring Catie's whimsical tales to life as you embark on magical journeys with these miniatures.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted with attention to detail, these miniatures boast premium quality and intricate designs.
  • ENHANCE YOUR TAMASHII EXPERIENCE: Perfectly complement your Tamashii gameplay with these delightful miniatures.
  • FOR TAMASHII FANS & COLLECTORS: Ideal for both Tamashii enthusiasts and collectors, adding a touch of wonder to your gaming sessions.
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