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Awaken Realms

Tamashii: Miniatures: Edgerunners

Tamashii: Miniatures: Edgerunners


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Improve immersion with perfectly detailed miniatures which replace standard bodies and bosses standees.

A standalone, language-independent box of beautiful sculpts replacing cardboard standees from the core box by adding more immersion and the 3D touch to the game.

  • EXQUISITE DETAILS: Immerse yourself in the world of Tamashii with these finely crafted and highly detailed Edgerunners Miniatures, perfect for enhancing your tabletop gaming experience.
  • UNIQUE CHARACTERS: Each miniature represents a distinct Edgerunner character from the rich lore of Tamashii: Chronicle Of Ascend, adding depth and personality to your gaming sessions.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from durable and premium materials, these miniatures are built to last through countless epic adventures.
  • VERSATILE USE: Compatible with various tabletop role-playing and skirmish games, these miniatures allow you to bring the vibrant world of Tamashii to any game setting.
  • COLLECTIBLE SET: Expand your Tamashii collection with these stunning miniatures, a must-have for collectors and tabletop enthusiasts alike.

Contains 29 Miniatures

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