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Venns with Benefits: the Hilarious Venn Diagram Party Game

Venns with Benefits: the Hilarious Venn Diagram Party Game


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Learn to play in one minute: Write the funniest fill-in-the blank cards to win! Endlessly replayable: Never see the same Venn diagram combination twice Great for teens (15+) or adults: Hilariously find similarities between wholesome and definitely not wholesome things!

Includes: 6 Venn Diagram Boards 120 Hilarious Concept Cards (pink + yellow decks) 200 Dry Erase Response Cards 6 High Quality Dry Erase Markers Instructions

Venns with Benefits is rated 15+. A good chunk of the purple cards will have categories that have sexual or drug references (ie "Bras," "Cocaine," "My Dad's Weiner," to name a few), but if you want to make the game appropriate for all, just give this deck a quick sort and remove any cards you don't want to play with! Then, the game appropriateness is entirely dependent on what the players write — it can be clean or dirty depending on your group!

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